Imperial American Coalition (IAC)

The IAC is a professional organization of American businesses and professionals who support a Constitutional interpretation of the government activity in our day-to-day activity and Interstate commerce as defined in the Federalist Papers and Bill of Rights set forth in the United States and State of Oklahoma documents and standards of law.

The term Imperial is chosen to distinguish the party from the conventional liberal (libertine) and republic conventions of the larger political parties, as it represents the right of a free people to enumerate the protections granted to all natural persons set forth in law - and to expect those protections and values to be applied in all manner of diplomacy and security to any person under the protection or force of the community governed by those terms and conditions.

The term is not to be confused with or indistinguishable from the more negative popularized "colonialism" of the past Centuries which brought monarchy over other countries and people by force of arms rather than humanitarian cause, and for economic exploitation and cultural genocide against foreign kingdoms and societies.

With respect, the term represents the right of a people to separate and distinguish themselves from foreign culture and values - and to have those values upheld in the dealings of their agents, actions in commerce and trade, and to expect and obtain protection even where it is not in the economic or political interest of a government or industry to enforce the human rights and fundamental dignity of its members and of others according to those values set forth in law and protection from foreign and domestic political interests.

In summary, the human condition is universal and protected from the exploitation of the econonmic and political activity of the culture or nation, and shall under no circumstances be held secondary or bartered to provide benefits to the many at the expense or violation of the few or even of the individual (one) in compromise of these protections and rights which we, as a coalition of professionals, do hereby agree and affirm must be upheld at any cost.