Imperial Coalition (IC)

By unanimous referrendum, the term American has been dropped from the Imperial Coalition title. American divisions may continue to utilize the IAC logos and nominclature at present. This move enforces our adoption of the value of dignity beyond the definition of a single continent or country, to consistently provide for the support of all people worldwide.

The Imperial Coalition is a formal organization for professional tradespeople who uphold the absolute value of human dignity at the individual and Stateless person level, for use by all members in all nations and territories to define their first obligation to the improvement of human rights and the human condition for each individual person.

The formation of the Coalition after members of business owners families were abducted and concealed under false process in the United States, for purpose of perpetual concealment and extortion of property, began August 11th 2001. Since that time the organization has welcomed corporate officers and academics to its membership in pursuit of the elimination of fraud by nation-state actors in criminal activity against human beings of all nations.

Our mission remains that the pride of a nation or State may never become more important than the lives and protection of any individual human being or their dignity and reputation when assaulted by the State or its members. That when such actions and fraud are present, the right to sovereignty of that nation is void, as determined in the reserved rights of the American State of Oklahoma in Article II section II-1, and specific to Article II-3 and II-22 in respect to its right to remonstration of such wrongding and false claims of legal activity under color of law prohibited in 18 USC 241 Federal Criminal Code (United States), with specific regard to Title 76 section 76-1, 76-8, and 76-9 of the Statutes of the State of Oklahoma - ratified as Federal Law in 1907 and binding under the prior 18 USC 241 code.

The right to remedy is perpetual (Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6), and no delay or obstruction of Justice shall uphold any relief or allege any consent to war crimes by the United States or other nation or State or person holding the office of Public Trust in the name of The People.

The Coalition addresses these issues by voiding the Berne Convention and other treaties protections against nations which violate the protected rights above, and supporting the privacy and right of free trade without license or letter of marquis for technology under any restrction by the illegal claims of nation states deemed to be in open violation of these protections in open claims. Patents and trademarks in these violating nations will not be regarded as lawful, while copyright will not be given standing where not held by a human being (non-corporation, non-Citizen roll or entity). Copyright will be regarded as valid by the original author, where a human being, and violation of literary rights and derived rights is not the goal of the release from all claims over engineering and technical discoveries.

Many nations operate in this manner, including Shenzen China and New Zealand, and those companies supporting these movements and claims of fundamental termination of license to the nation states engaging in terrorism, kidnapping of academics family members, and other forms of fraud to obtain and control technology will not be held as lawful.